Squash League Info

The squash league is organized by The Lethbridge Squash Association with the help of the Lethbridge College and it runs from October - April every year. 

This is an open league so anybody can join no matter what your experience or skill level is. Everyone is welcome.  

League Info

Registration: To register for the league please go to the PE Building office at the Lethbridge College. If you can't make it there in time for the beginning of the season you can also sign up via email by clicking here

Cost: The registration fee is $50 for the entire season but you also have to pay for a membership at the College or pay a drop-in fee each time. 

Club Locker: Our league is tracked online and match scores are logged/posted online using a program called Club Locker. Click here for help with Club Locker. Before you can join the league you must register for a free Club Locker account here!


How much is a gym membership at the College?

A monthly gym membership at the Lethbridge College is $58.60 and a daily drop in costs $8. There are special discounts for things like students, alumni, seniors etc. For more detailed pricing info go to the Lethbridge College website.

When are the league games played?

Our league is an "Open Booking" league. That means that you'll be given a list of your opponents (and their contact details) for the current block and it's up to you and your opponents to decide on a time that works for both of you. With that being said, all four courts at the Lethbridge College will be reserved for league matches between 4-10PM so that would be a good starting point for match bookings. For each block you'll be given a deadline for when your scores need to be submitted to Club Locker. 

What if I can't make it to the match my opponent and I agreed on?

You'll need to contact your opponent to let them know you can't make that time ASAP and try to re-schedule. Do not stand up your opponent. 

How do I know what level I should be playing at?

To figure out what level you should be playing at you should contact Ryan Boorsma at the PE Building Office by email at Lethbridge.squash.association@gmail.com or by phone at 403-382-6903.

What if my opponent doesn't show up for our match?

If this happens you will be awarded the win by default. It's best to contact your opponent at least one day before the match to confirm that they're able to make it. 

Can I join late if I missed the October sign-up date?

Yes. The league is split up into 4 quarters and you can start at the beginning of any one of the quarters. The second quarter starts in early November, the third quarter starts in early January and the fourth quarter starts in February. 

How do I record a match?

The matches need to be recorded on a program called Club Locker. When you join the league you'll be invited to join Club Locker and then you'll have to create a free account. Click here for​ more info on Club Locker